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“Mr. Cheese Demonstrates the Grilled Cheese Sandwich on YouTube”

by Larry Pinck


Hey guys. Thanks for stopping by. I’m Mr. Cheese and today I’m making the classic grilled cheese sandwich. It’s quick and  easy. There’s only a couple tricky parts and I’ve got some tips to handle them no sweat. The grilled cheese sandwich isn’t just a munchie. It’s also a well balanced meal. Cool, so let’s do it.


In any grilled cheese situation, bread is the cinder block. I’ve got some Wonder Bread I found in my mom’s kitchen, but it doesn’t have to be so fancy. Any cheap white bread works. Soft or stale, it’s no big deal. I mean, come on, it’s toasted. If it’s got the green spores, use it for starting your seeds.


Right now I’m pretty hungry so I’m making two. Lay out four slices of bread. “Four?” You say. Two for the tops and two for the bottoms, duh. If you want one sandwich,  no problem, just halve the recipe. Clock some melt time before you shoot for three.


Okay, let’s talk cheese. It’s make or break  in all cheese cookery. For me, the  processed American slice is the king. Swiss, cheddar, muenster, jack? Whatever that is. Forget it, you’re only hurting yourself. If you’ve got some coin go for the Kraft Deli Singles. It’s pricey, but you’ll make it up in re-wrap time. If you’re low on funds, don’t worry. They’ve all got pretty much the same flash point.


Lots of people say “Hey, Mr. Cheese, how many slices do I use?” It’s a good question and it’s one of those diminishing return deals. If one slice tastes great, are two twice as great? One and a half sounds good in theory but is tough to work with.  Where do you lay the ½  slice and still get good coverage. Cross-hatching works but you need a lot of eye-hand coordination. If you’re a newbie, stick to whole numbers.


In sandwich construction, it’s all about layers. Here’s how it goes: bread, cheese, bread. That’s it, the whole thing.  I’ll do it again: bread, cheese, bread. Take your time, don’t get frustrated and keep an eye on the alignment. The processed slice comes with the fat built in, but if you must, a few drops of light machine oil. One more thing, it’s not cordon bleu so lose the breakfast meats.


Cooking medium? There’s as many choices as slices in Wisconsin. For the cheese man, the toaster oven is a no brainer; the greatest invention since the electric thresher. Check out this guy. $29.95 at Wal-Mart. Nice big window; the heat control marked with letters. I’m gonna crank this bad boy up to 400̊, that’s either “G” or “H”, depending on your model.


How long to cook it? You’ve got eyeballs. Use them. Okay, here we go. Look at this. Toasted, melted, no burn. Beautiful. The classic. Watch out for the first bite or you’ll be picking shreds off the roof of your mouth for a week.

So that’s it. Make it, eat it and make some more. Check out my other cheese videos and comment me if you wanna talk slices. Next time, I’ll show you a 10-minute processed American cheese soufflé. Adios mucheesos.




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