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Iambic Ixplosion

“Valleys” by Rebecca Brown Beneath the mountain The wildflowers form a blanket- I fucked your mother.   “Dave the High Guy” by Chaim Johnson Mr. Mailman I see you out my window I notice you putting milk on my sidewalk No, I can’t talk to you I am much too busy Hey Ms. Female Jogger […]

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The Scrotal Sector

“Beatrice Swenson’s Home Placenta Kit” by Walter Flaschka Dear friend, I am Beatrice Swenson, and I thank you for purchasing my Home Placenta Kit. With your investment you are supporting a woman-owned small business based in Skowhegan, Maine. Because of Google, we are all familiar with the wholesome and life-sustaining practice of eating your placenta […]

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Department of Human Resources

“Diary of a Fisherman” by Lou Gaglia Well, I says to the wife the other evening, if we was to ask your parents if we could live with them, say for just a year or two, then we could wind up saving enough money for that dream house we been dreaming about. The wife she […]

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