Issue 16: MUSIC


      Issue 16: Music

Welcome back, Pancake pied-pipers!

This instrumental issue is as well-written as a Rachmaninoff piano Prelude and twice as easy to pronounce! We’ve got more pentatonic prose, percussive poetry, and psalmic photography than you can shake a handbell at.

Composer and saint Hildegard von Bingen lays down her visionary advice in this edition of “Past Help.”  “Whistle Stop” provides the soundtrack to a political microcosm on the train from Toronto to Ottowa, “Performance Notes on My American Quotidian—A Musical Memoir” recalls music’s power to transform the mundane into the transcendent, and “K-Joy Holiday” finds two misfits finding each other during this festive holiday season.  Editorial intern Ruth “Rooster” Flanagan returns to objectify parts of this balanced breakfast in “Hot Men With Breakfast Foods.”

So shuffle that sheet music, crank those speakers to eleven, and drop the needle on the vintage vinyl opus of laughter that is Hobo Pancakes!

With musical sincerity,

The Hobo Pancakes Team


Letters to the Editor

by Ruth “Rooster” Flanagan, editorial intern


Screams & Grumbles

“13 Songs for the Freelancer”

by Lora Shinn & Peter Imbres

“Instant Credibility”

by Justin Laub

Salute Our Shorts: The News In Brief

“Ripping the Headlines”

by Paul Lander


Past Help

by Saint Hildegard von Bingen, O.S.B.


Annals of the Flesh

“K-Joy Holiday”

by Bill Ratner

“The Grand Romance of Earl”

by Brenton Dickieson


Articles of Faith

“The New Book of Genesis”

by AJ Serrano


The Astral Plane

“Obits From the Future”

by Mrs. Sowerberry


Musical Notes

“Performance Notes on My American Quotidian (A Musical Memoir)”

by Michael Lohafer


Ancient History

“VonWar: A Story of Classic Rock”

by Alex Colvin

“The Clevelanders”

by Josephine Kensington


Judgment Day

“Christmas Initiation”

by Alexander Schwab

“The #$@!# Bicycle Boys Save Christmas, Again”

by Alex Bernstein


No, YOU’RE Fucked Up!

“Liquor for Dummies: A Guide for the Bootlegger on a Budget”

by Blaine Ely

“Where Monsters Go”

by Alexander Watt


The Palate Cleanser

“Do You Want Strings With That?”

by Tim Bodicoat


by Matt Yeager


Department of Human Resources

“Whistle Stop”

by Jordan Moffatt

“The Gift of Gibb”

by William Blomstedt


The Locker Room

“I Went for a Run”

by Alexandra Aste


Iambic Ixplosion


by Noel Doyle

“I Can’t Get No… Oh No No No”

by Dill Darling

“I Have A Nightmare”

by the Ginger Philes


Photographic Evidence

“Depth of Feeling”

by Tanya LaBrake

“Hot Men With Breakfast Foods”

by Ruth “Rooster” Flanagan, editorial intern