Issue 17: MEDICINE

Issue 17: Medicine



Welcome back, hypoallergenic Hobos!

This issue is a panacea for the lack of laughter plaguing your life, unless you’ve been selected for the Pancake placebo group.  We’ve got prescriptions for preventative prose, pharmaceutical poetry, and pediatric photography, all 100% free of charge.

Hellenistic healer Hippocrates is on hand to dispense his personal brand of harmless advice in “Past Help.”  “Jewels” tenderly examines one couple’s approach to marital difficulty, “The Strange Downfall of Dr. Gerald Benchley” preaches the limitations of fungi, and “Ten Crazy New Street Drugs You Don’t Even Know About Yet” heps you to the hottest new mind-altering substances on the market.  Managing editor Kelly Anneken sets out to exploit our nation’s healthcare system in No Comment and in “Smack Talk of the Town,” editor-at-large Isa Hopkins examines some unexpected adverse consequences of a colostomy at a Middle Eastern restaurant.  Editorial intern Ruth “Rooster” Flanagan returns for “Letters to the Editor” because we haven’t gotten around to changing the locks yet.

So go ahead!  Grab some government-grade chloroform and knock yourselves out after you realize that the absurd elixir vitaethat is Hobo Pancakes is just what the doctor ordered!

With medicinal sincerity,

The Hobo Pancakes Team


No Comment

“Crazy for Tryin'”

by Kelly Anneken, managing editor


Letters to the Editor

by Ruth “Rooster” Flanagan, editorial intern


Screams & Grumbles

“Ten Crazy New Street Drugs You Don’t Even Know About Yet”

by Rebecca Villanueva

“The Curious Case of the Missing Tooth in the Nighttime… Kind of”

by Mike Jackson


Salute Our Shorts: The News in Brief

“Ripping the Headlines”

by Paul Lander


Past Help

by Hippocrates of Kos


Annals of the Flesh

“How Sex Happens For A Man And Sometimes Women”

by Ali Zahiri


No, YOU’re Fucked Up!

“How to Catch Your Cheating Husband”

by Sarah Bailey

“People are for Dummies”

by Eleanor Talbot


The Palate Cleanser

“Mr Cheese Demonstrates the Grilled Cheese Sandwich on YouTube”

by Larry Pinck


Division of Infrastructure

“Inside Trade”

by John Ulmer



“Dog Bite”

by Marguerite Elisofon


Department of Human Resources

“Surviving the Cure”

by Tom Luddecke

“Colonoscopy 101”

by Jim Upton


Enchanted Affairs

“The Night After Surgery”

by Larry Stanfel


The Scrotal Sector


by Benjamin Soileau


Chronicles of Higher Education

“The Strange Downfall of Dr Gerald Benchley”

by Samuel Labun


Ancient History

“Prone But Not Forgotten”

by Michael J Moran


Judgment Day

“A Deterrent”

by Dawn Wilson


Iambic Ixplosion

“Neglect” by Matt Yeager

“Side Effects No Charge” by Rick Blum

“The Dyslexic Pharmacist” by Michael Cantin

“Hypochondriac” by Bradley Meyer

“Love That Operates” by Timothy Pilgrim

“Quarantined” by Denny Green


Smack-Talk of the Town

“Once Upon A Time in Parma”

by Isa Hopkins, editor-at-large


Photographic Evidence

“Monthly Self-Exam”