Because McSweeney’s rejected you…

*Editors’ Note (July 1, 2015): The June 1 “Fashion” issue has been moved to the September 1 slot while your editor-in-chief deals with some life-crap.  Apologies for the delay, but HP is basically a solo operation and sometimes, shit happens.  All submissions will still be considered normally; the only thing that’s changed is the publication calendar.  See you all in September!

Here’s the rules:

– HOBO PANCAKES is published quarterly: March 1, June 1, September 1, and December 1. We accept submissions year-round.

–  Each issue has a theme.  The deadline for submitting to each issue is ten days before its publication date.  Themes may be loosely interpreted.  Upcoming themes are as follows:

September 1 2015 — “Fashion”
December 1 2015 — “In the Air”
March 1 2015 — “Judgment Day”
June 1 2016 — “Age of Exploration”

September 1 2016 — “Nature”

–  We accept prose (fiction and creative nonfiction), poetry, photography, illustration, comics, graphics… most things that can easily fit into the format of “online journal.”  While our formats are pretty loose, we’re not likely to publish anything over 6,000 words (and to be perfectly blunt, the shorter your piece, the more likely we are to print it).

–  The form of what you send in isn’t terribly important, but the tone is.  We’re a humor rag over here; black humor, sharp satire, broad parody, twisted absurdism — those are all a-okay.  A heartfelt meditation on the nature of mortality, however, isn’t so much what we’re looking for.  That doesn’t mean it’s not great… it just means it’s not for us.

–  Submit your work through our snazzy online system here.  For formatting reasons, ALL NON-ART SUBMISSIONS SHOULD BE IN .RTF FORMAT.  NO .DOC FORMATS WILL BE ACCEPTED!

–  We do not require an extensive cover letter, but a one-to-two-sentence biography (serious or satirical) is appreciated, including links to any websites or blogs.  Also, include your name, email, the title of your piece, and the word count/media (if a visual art submission).

–  Multiple submissions (sending us more than one piece in any given submission period to consider) is fine; just send each one separately.  Simultaneous submissions (sending the same piece to different journals at the same time) is also cool with us — but if somebody else publishes you and doesn’t want your piece showing up in our neck of the woods, then you best let us know.  Seriously.  It is your responsibility to withdraw pieces in a timely fashion.  We finalize acceptances ten days before publication dates, and it is incumbent upon submitters to withdraw pieces they don’t want printed BEFORE that time.  If we send you an acceptance letter and you reply with a withdrawal, we will not consider any of your future work for publication in Hobo Pancakes, because that’s a dick move and nobody likes to work with dicks. So: Don’t be a dick.  

–  At the present moment, the only payment for your work is the glory of appearing in an online magazine whose logo is a Photoshopped vagrant breakfast food.  We’re working on a currency that is more widely valued by society, because we’re all about paying people fairly for what they produce, but also, content monetization is hard.

–  You retain all rights to your work if we publish you.

–  Questions?  Comments?  Concerns?  Contact your dear editors at hobo (dot) pancakes (at) gmail (dot) com.